Why Edenhurst

A number of factors set Edenhurst apart from other financial management companies.

A clear strategy

We genuinely put your interests first and that means two things. It means investing in our relationship with you, dedicating time and effort to understanding your needs, interests and ambitions. And it means being independent, so that we can put together a tailored solution that is right for you, with no bias towards a particular asset class, financial product, or provider.

Strong relationships

We ensure that we agree a clear strategy and that we fully explain the reasons behind any proposals that we make. We believe this is vital when the management of private assets can be complex and any decision can have multiple ramifications.

Active management

We actively manage the administration of a broad range of assets and liabilities, considering the implications of particular tax regimes or jurisdictions, as well as legal and other factors and ensuring that they are optimised on your behalf.


We are pragmatic. When investing your free capital, we stick to tried and tested methods that have worked for our clients. Our constant objective is to achieve an optimal ratio of risks and rewards, based on your needs and requirements.

Global perspective

We take a global perspective since, like many of our clients, you probably prefer to have a global presence for your private and business assets. We ensure that your capital can flow easily and all legal structures are in place ready for execution.

Succession planning

We think long-term. That means that we give consideration to succession planning to ensure financial stability for your family in future generations.

Our Ethos

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Unbiased advice

To preserve our independence, to provide clients with advice that is focused on their best interests at all times.

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Be honest

To act honestly, responsibly and ethically when providing services or making recommendations.

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Earn trust

To earn our clients’ trust and build long-term relationships, so they will feel able to turn to us in a wide range of situations.

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Be transparent

To be transparent in the way we act, while maintaining total discretion and preserving client confidentiality.